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  • Can I change the RGB?
    Yes you can change each colour separately and universally. You can also change the saturation and lightness. This application is just for sampling and you will need to take a note of the numerical values. The ability for you to play with colour is to give you a tool to visualise your design in a colourway of choice and help with purchasing decisions. You will need to make adjustment using your original layered file. This is just a visualising tool to help with choosing print.
  • What format should I upload my artwork?
    For a perfect repeated tile you will need to save your original artwork flattened at 144 dpi as a jpg. You will need to take a note of the size of the canvas in mms and add these numerical values to the upload. You can add any image you like to the swatcheditor just to test how an image or design might look in another colourway. You can upload single images for prints and embroidery. Great for testing size,colour and placement. The swatcheditor will be great for TShirt design.
  • Where is my artwork uploaded to and how secure is it?
    Your artworks is upload to a private and secure database. As soon as you delete a swatch from your library all instances of that design are deleted from the internet. We cannot control screengrabs or screen videos and this is your responsibility to advise your clients about privacy and copyright.
  • How do I share designs with a client?
    Within your workspace you will see a link to Export a design. This link can be sent to your client/colleague where they can view the link within a private 3D workspace only showing the a specific swatch or swatches. You will need to load more than one swatch into a garment with segments to sent more than one swatch.
  • How will swatcheditor add value to my design swatches
    You will be giving your clients a way to view 2D swatches in a 3D environment. Your clients/colleagues will be able to play with colour and scale to see if a print fits with their selection requirements. You will also be adding value to your brand, becoming more competitive, future proofing your brand within the advancement of 3D manufacturing and building a more sustainble business. You can also use the swatcheditor to compliment real-life tradeshows. You will be able to send links safely and efficiently at a buyers request and delete the file swiftly if need be.
  • Does swatcheditor store your patterns?
    Yes swatcheditor has a library to store low resolution images. If you load up a tile it is a flattened version and is not shown anywhere other than your private library within swatcheditor, giving you an extra level of security. As the swatches are shown on 3D assets it would be difficult for a viewer to get a flattened 2D version of the design, again adding another level of security.
  • Cans swatcheeditor work with websites such as Shopify
    Yes you can have it fully integrated/plugged into whichever website you use. You can also create links to the swatcheditor cloud app and embed these into your website via a button or whatever you choose.
  • Are there any other garments in the shop.
    No only the generic ones we have created: TShirt (one swatch viewing) good for placments Smock dress (multi swatch viewing) Pleated dress (multi swatch viewing) Yoga top and leggins (multi swatch viewing) Swimsuit (multi swatch viewing) Mens shirt and shorts (multi swatch viewing) We are working towards adding more, and having a facility where you can upload your own designs. The plugin option will allow you to add 6 designs of your own if you wish. We can also help you create the 3D cads at an extra cost. Remember the 3D garments are fully usable CMT patterns to create garments if you need to sell them or license them. If you are a retailer you might like to load your seasonal 3D garments to help with building your print collection.
  • Can I add a video of my flow fabric on my Ecommerce site.
    There is no facility to save an asset video, but using links you can easily click and view a video. Be careful about loading too many videos into your Ecommerce site, it takes up energy and your website might take time to load. You can take a screen video - please take into account the energy usage of doing this.
  • Can I add a watermark to my swatches.
    Yes you can add a watermark to your swatches. This facility is in your account settings and you have the ability to switch this on or off. There is a time lag involved in this.
  • What happens to my swatch libary if I cancel my subscription?
    All swatches in your library are immediately deleted upon cancellation.
  • Is there a free trial?
    We are offering a 7 day free trial period on all subscription plans, only one per seat until 31st May 2021. Please make sure you cancel your free trial before the trial period ends to avoid a recurring subscription fee. If you love the free trial, please get in touch as we are offering a 3 month discount to get your started. swatcheditor™ has been tested within the industry and we are confident that you will enjoy the product and experience. There are lots of tutorials and videos around that show how the product works. We have fairly priced the plans and they available on a monthly or yearly basis. This mean that you can try for a month and if you decide after a month that you like the product you can sign up for 1 year and receive one month free. Please feel free to contact us for a demo and discuss the benefits of swatcheditor further.
  • How do I cancel my subscription.
    Please contact us via Email or telephone to cancel your subscription.
  • Can I use this for interiors and accessories
    Yes you can use the flow and scrunch to test print designs. Please get in touch if you would like to upload your own assets such as shoes, bedlinen, cups etc. We take your needs seriously and will work quickly to develop a workspace that can cater for all industry needs.
  • Is the flow fabric a filmed video?
    No the flow fabric is made up of code and is not a looped sequence. This has been designed to give you the best experience, fantastic imagery and smartest use of energy to build into your sustainability requirements.

Please find answers to our most common questions below but if you still need help drop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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